Jezebel, back from hell
I'm Ashley. 20. Massachusetts.

"Everybody dances to their own boom boom."


sext: i want to pay bills and share household duties and approach our late 20’s in a financially and emotionally stable way with you

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You’re so hard to read sometimes and I get upset about it more than I should but then you make me feel warm & fuzzy inside ☺️

I wanna be hot enough to get my selfies reblogged

I like when you text me. I dislike when you ignore me for a week.

How do people end up in relationship after relationship after relationship and I can’t find a single person to even find me remotely interesting for a solid ten seconds? 

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Grandpa gets a surprise bulldog puppy for his birthday, something he’s always wanted.

It’s pure happiness for both of them

im fucking sobbing

Not even gonna pretend I didn’t cry.

This is actually a dream of mine. If someone would like to gift me a bulldog puppy, I will love you forever.

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